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Will Commodity Exchange Help The Poor From Ethiopia?

Although the African continent is the second largest in the world after Asia, its agricultural produce has not been able to meet the needs of the populace. There are still famines in some parts of the continent. For this matter, it would seem logical that food production for Africa needs to be bumped up.

Ironically, this seems to have fallen on deaf ears. Instead, some governments in the continent are embarking on promoting stock and commodity exchanges. For example, Ethiopia has become the first country in East Africa to open a commodity exchange even if its people are still considered one of the poorest in the world.

With such a worrying statistic why would a country like Ethiopia focus on commodity exchange? This conflict between Africa’s need for agricultural development and promotion of commodity exchange needs further analysis.

This analysis needs firstly to define what commodity exchange is. Second, it should also consider the key conditions required for successful commodity exchange. One of the key conditions for a successful commodity exchange is the application of strict and standardized regulations.With the poor records in governance being witnessed in most African countries it needs to be seen how commodity exchanges can bring citizens out of poverty.


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Can Entrepreneurial Education Solve The Problem Of Graduate Unemployment In Kenya, Ghana And Mozambique?

2012.05.24 Monrovia (7)Although the definition of entrepreneurship may be elusive, Thomas Eisenmanna in an article on this subject matter claims that Professor Howard Stevenson who is believed to be the godfather of this area of knowledge at Harvard Business School defines it as “the pursuit of opportunity beyond resources controlled”. This definition implies a number of things. Read the rest of this entry »

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Africa’s Booming Oil And Gas Sector Shows Preliminary Results

Deepwater ChampionBusinesses may be set up to achieve a number of objectives. For most private sector firms, they may fundamentally aim to make profits. In the pursuit to make profits, it is also possible that companies may either break even or incur losses.Incurring losses seem to be the situation that one of the oil companies is facing in its operations from Africa. Read the rest of this entry »

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